Royal Graphics


What's so royal about these graphics? Nothing. Originally, the domain was, simply because I wanted a name with matching initials to the additive color model (Red Green Blue) used on all digital displays. The "bureau" was dropped when the shorter became available. Although I'd like a regular reminder of service bureaus (what shops like Kinko's were called back when there were shops like Kinko's), the fewer characters in a domain name, the better. Plus, "bureau" is a little funky of a word for most folks, Americans in particular, to type out on the regular.

RGB Color Model

If challenged to retrospectively rationalize the name, it'd be that royalty is the O.G. method of brand marketing. Point being, I make my living utilizing web design terminology, think fondly of a time when graphic designer meant print designer, and appreciate marketing hustle. But that doesn't really provide very much info for an info section, does it?

Photo of Jeff Medich at 17

Okay, for info, or better yet, insight of character, how about if I detail what I'd like to consider as the single event that's been the most influential in shaping my outlook on my career, and getting things done in general? When I was seventeen (many years ago), I ran my Japanese pickup truck out of oil, and immediately learned that an eighties era vehicle's low oil warning light is more technically a you're effed light. I promptly invested the next two month's worth of weekends replacing the fried engine outright.

With extremely little previous mechanical experience, I learned that even the most challenging of tasks can be accomplished with only determination and time. A repair manual (what I'd refer to now as documentation) can help out a lot too...

In summary: royalty, digital, eighties era cars, YES!

If you've read through this (and thank you kindly for doing so), but were hoping for something more straight forward: My name is Jeff Medich. I can design interfaces and write code. This is my portfolio site.